Matrimonial and Family

We are acutely aware that when problems arise at the time of separation whether  it be based on a marriage or a cohabiting couple it can be a very stressful  for all concerned. Our family lawyers understand the emotion that is often attached to these situations. It is a harsh reality that problems do arise and when they do you will want to speak to someone who can guide you through the options available to you and advise you regarding the law.

There are often a number of issues to consider whether it is a separation or a divorce.  Division of matrimonial property  can seem impossibly difficult but we can advise you on the options available to you. Where children are involved arrangements may need to be made regarding residence, contact, financial provision and the like and you will want to be guided by someone you can relate to.

We hope to help you achieve settlement in the least distressing  way possible and in particular with regard to ensuring the best interests of the children of the relationship.

We also deal with child welfare issues and can advise you when the Children’s Panel become involved with your child or a child in your care.

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